Student Eucharistic Ministers Commissioned in 2019!


To help you to grow in your faith, bond with classmates, and develop a deeper spirituality, each grade level as a required annual retreat:

7th and 8th grader retreat is an opportunity for you to grow as a community while recognizing the need for God in your live.

Freshman retreat focuses on our mission as children of God and members of the NDA community. You will work with your Link Crew Leader to learn more about the fundamentals of their faith and beliefs as well as how we live out these beliefs here at NDA.

Sophomore retreat is a bonding experience as a class in the spirit of NDA where you mix with your classmates in different ways and share your spirituality and beliefs with each other.

Junior Kairos retreat will be one of your most powerful and memorable experiences at NDA. The three-day, two-night off campus retreat provides our young women a time to step away from the daily routine and open their hearts to God. You’ll develop your own self-awareness while deepening their relationship with God.

Senior retreat focuses on vocations and discernment. You’ll be given the opportunity to explore their vocation and learn about making decisions within the faith.

Faith in Action Teams (FIAT)

Just like Mother Mary said, “Fiat” or in “let it be done” in Latin, to the Lord’s call, Notre Dame Academy encourages all students to follow the call of the Lord and to serve their family, friends, community and the world by being spiritual leaders at Notre Dame Academy as part of one of our FIAT teams:

  • The Evangelization Team helps to evangelize to their peers in day to day situations, as well as prayer and worship experiences.
  • The Retreat Team helps to plan and carry out spiritually enriching retreat opportunities for the student body.
  • The Worship Team helps to lead the student body in song during Mass and other prayer opportunities. Group includes both singers and musicians.
Fellowship Fridays

During Flex Time on Fridays, you can drop by Campus Ministry to unwind with friends and campus ministers by having a snack and doing some meditative coloring.